- mei 13, 2023

Orangerie Slot Loevestein

A stylish Orangery for events

Slot Loevestein, a museum and event venue, recently added two beautiful event spaces to its grounds. This unique castle and fortress attracts large numbers of visitors each year. To keep up with demand, Slot Loevestein quickly needed additional space but needed to meet strict requirements due to the castle’s status as a national monument. 

The organisation faced a problem – how to create extra space practically but in keeping with the style and appearance of the castle grounds?

Tailor-made pavilions

Spantech’s modular orangery immediately caught the attention of the organisation. The orangery is an elegant, 18th-century-inspired structure that fits perfectly into the historic castle grounds. Two orangeries were installed in character with the castle to create a charming, historically inspired but modern entertainment venue.

The result

Two orangeries were chosen for the grounds.

The first orangery was a 10mx18m structure with a capacity of 150 people. It is an ideal space for presentations, parties, weddings, dinners and other events. 

The second orangery, a 6mx20m structure, can accommodate 120 people and is an excellent venue for team-building activities, workshops and meetings. 

Spantech’s orangeries not only created more space but also enhanced the unique location by adding a modern addition to the location. Inspired by the castle’s military past, the orangeries were customised to incorporate a contemporary interior with military green accents, keeping in brand with the location. The beautiful large glass walls offer guests unhindered views of the castle.

“We are very satisfied with SPANTECH. The execution of this project went flawlessly from the building permit application to the installation of the orangeries. The end result exceeded our expectations.” (Dré van Dongen, Slot Loevestein)