- June 13, 2023

City of Nice – Temporary Theatre During Renovations

When the City of Nice embarked on a renovation project for their existing theatre, they sought a temporary solution to ensure uninterrupted cultural activities. At Spantech, we were honored to be selected as the trusted partner to design and construct a customized structure that would allow performances to continue seamlessly during the renovation period.

Scope of work

We took care of the project from A to Z. Our responsibilities included engineering and design, construction of the structure, roofing, facades, doors, flooring, and acoustics. Our goal was to create a functional and visually appealing venue that could accommodate a variety of performances.


Leveraging our expertise in engineering and design, we developed a tailored solution for the City of Nice. The I-Novation structure, measuring 25x35m with a height of 10m, offered a spacious and versatile theatre space. In addition to the main theatre area, we incorporated a foyer and a two-story office space to meet the operational needs of the theatre staff.

Unique features

The I-Novation structure boasted several unique features that contributed to its success. Its modular design provided flexibility in configuring the space to suit different performance requirements. We paid meticulous attention to detail in the roofing, facades, doors, flooring, and acoustics, ensuring optimal sound quality and an immersive audience experience.


At Spantech, we take pride in our partnership with the City of Nice and our successful delivery of a temporary theatre solution during the renovation period. The I-Novation structure, with its adaptable design and meticulous craftsmanship, provided a functional and visually captivating venue for performances. Our collaboration with the City of Nice showcased our commitment to delivering high-quality temporary structures tailored to the unique needs of our clients in the cultural and entertainment industry.