- May 29, 2023

Cover for construction site

Building a new facility near the renowned AZ Damiaan hospital in Oostende required a construction company to overcome unique challenges. Their project involved digging a 5-meter deep hole for foundations, which released gases and odors from the contaminated soil. Proximity to the hospital demanded extra precautions to ensure safety and minimize disruption to the healthcare facility and the construction works.

The Solution

Enter our premium rental solution: the Polygonal 25x35m, specially designed to address the specific needs of the project. Our tent provided a safe and efficient work environment, promoting seamless construction progress while protecting the hospital and its surroundings.

Unyielding Durability and Weather Resistance

Our Polygonal tent stood tall with an impressive 6-meter eave height and full PVC construction, guaranteeing the utmost durability and weather resistance. Adverse weather conditions were no match for this robust structure, ensuring uninterrupted operations throughout the project’s duration.

Containment and Filtration for Safety

To tackle the challenge of gases and odors emanating from the excavation site, the tent was sealed at the base and equipped with a cutting-edge filtration system. Working in collaboration with the construction company, our solution effectively contained and neutralized the contaminants, ensuring the safety of the hospital and its surroundings. Together, we prioritized the well-being of all stakeholders involved.

Seamless Disassembly with Zero Impact

Efficient logistics were paramount to the project’s success. Our Polygonal tent featured a motorized steel shutter door measuring an impressive 5×5 meters. Equipped with a remote control, the door effortlessly opened and closed, providing easy access for heavy vehicles. Time-consuming manual labor and logistical challenges became a thing of the past, allowing the team to focus on construction progress.

Easy Access for Heavy Vehicles

As the project neared completion, dismantling the tent was a crucial task. Our experienced team orchestrated a smooth and safe disassembly process. Utilizing specialized equipment such as cranes and big telehandlers, we meticulously removed the tent from the outside, leaving no trace behind. Even with the presence of the large hole, we ensured the integrity of the site remained intact, meeting the highest standards of professionalism.

A Partnership Built on Reliability and Innovation

Choosing our rental solution proved to be a wise decision for the construction company. Our commitment to reliability, innovation, and tailored solutions surpassed their expectations. We provided more than just a tent; we offered a dedicated team ready to go above and beyond to meet their specific requirements. By becoming their trusted partner, we played a crucial role in creating a solid foundation for their project’s success.