- June 29, 2023

Covered Tennis Court

Playing Tennis All Year Round

It was in one of their quarterly meetings that Tennis Club 69 started discussing the winter ahead and ways to keep their clients happy during the colder months. With the shortening days and the temperatures due to drop, Tennis Club 69 knew they needed to find a high-quality and quick solution to their outdoor uncovered tennis courts. Being Europe’s market leader in first-rate modular solutions, Spantech’s durable tennis court coverings were suggested as the best option for Tennis Club 69.

A Covered Tennis Court for TC69 Sterkrade

Tennis Club 69 is a disability inclusive club and it was important for them to find a manufacturer that could incorporate disability accessible features in the tennis court coverings. Not only are Spantech’s tennis court coverings customisable to include these requests but due to the modular design of the covering, Tennis Club 69 would not have to wait the same amount of time as they would for a traditional customised court covering to be made. After discussing all the finer details with the design team, the club placed the order for their turn-key covering solution.

Within only a couple of months, Spantech’s tennis court coverings were delivered to Tennis Club 69 in Oberhausen, Germany. Due to their modular design, the tennis hall coverings were secured in place within a week and with little disruption to the clients and club.

Since installing the coverings, Tennis Club 69 has found that their clients’ satisfaction at the club has also increased. Their clients love the heating and lighting features, and especially the opening wall feature to create a ‘summer feeling’ during the harsher winter months. A few months after completion, Spantech visited the club to see how they were getting on. The president of the tennis club, Mr Raköw, had this to say:

“We needed a tennis hall for all our clients to be able to play tennis all year round. Due to permits and energy costs, we needed a non-intrusive solution that gave our clients an enjoyable sporting experience during colder temperatures.

The preliminary talks and the appointment on site with managing director Sjors van Vorstenbos were decisive for the order. Quality and price-performance ratio was important to the club and we found Spantech’s guidance through the process to be invaluable. Not only did we benefit from their guidance from the first appointment but all promises on time frames and pricing quotes were kept.”

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If you are also looking for a tennis court covering, we provide customisable systems to suit all sorts of requirements. From single court structures, double or multi court coverings and timber-frame structures, we will have a solution to best fit your needs. All of our covers are approved by European Qualisport and are made at Spantech’s own facilities, promising high quality control and direct communication.