- June 15, 2023

High-Altitude Studio Construction for Netflix Production in Sierra Nevada

Building a studio at an elevation of 2,300 meters in the challenging environment of Sierra Nevada was a remarkable feat accomplished by Spantech for a Netflix production. With their expertise in design and construction, Spantech successfully delivered a massive studio within a tight timeframe of just three months. Despite adverse weather conditions, including extreme storms with winds of up to 140km per hour and heavy snow loads, Spantech’s resilient structure and dedicated team ensured the project stayed on schedule, providing a reliable filming space for the production.

Scope of work

Spantech’s scope of work for the high-altitude studio construction project encompassed comprehensive engineering, meticulous design, and efficient construction. They were responsible for transforming the rugged terrain of Sierra Nevada into a suitable location for the studio. From initial planning to the final execution, Spantech’s team worked diligently to ensure every aspect of the project met the specific requirements of the Netflix production.

Unique features

The high-altitude studio boasted several unique features that contributed to its successful completion and functionality. With a spacious interior measuring 25x50x13m, the studio provided ample space for filming and production activities. Spantech’s design incorporated a resilient structure capable of withstanding the extreme weather conditions prevalent in Sierra Nevada, including high winds and heavy snow loads. This ensured the safety of the crew and equipment while maintaining a stable environment for filming.


Constructing a soundstage studio in the demanding environment of Sierra Nevada presented several challenges for Spantech. The high-altitude location posed logistical difficulties, requiring careful planning and coordination to transport materials and equipment to the site. Additionally, the project had to contend with extreme weather conditions, including storms with wind speeds reaching 140km per hour and heavy snowfall. Overcoming these challenges demanded meticulous engineering and construction techniques to ensure the studio’s durability and functionality in the face of harsh elements.


Spantech’s successful completion of the high-altitude studio in Sierra Nevada for a Netflix production stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results even in the most challenging environments. Through their engineering prowess and efficient construction methods, Spantech overcame harsh weather conditions and time constraints to provide a reliable and robust filming space. This case study highlights Spantech’s ability to meet the unique requirements of clients in the entertainment industry, ensuring their projects stay on track and on schedule.