- June 13, 2023

Ice Rink Riyadh Boulevard – A Magnificent Venue for Live Entertainment and Ice Skating

The Ice Rink Riyadh Boulevard is a captivating addition to the magnificent entertainment area of Boulevard Riyadh City in Saudi Arabia. This multi-purpose venue, encompassing live entertainment and an expansive ice rink, required a monumental permanent structure. To realize this vision, they turned to Spantech for our expertise in delivering grand and durable solutions.

Scope of work

Spantech’s scope of work for the Ice Rink Riyadh Boulevard project included engineering, design, and the construction of various elements such as the structure, roofing, facades, doors, and acoustics. Our team worked diligently to ensure that every aspect of the venue met the highest standards of quality, functionality, and aesthetics.

Unique features

The Ice Rink Riyadh Boulevard boasts impressive features that set it apart. With a vast area of 6,250 square meters and an internal clearance of 17 meters, it provides ample space for thrilling ice skating experiences and captivating live entertainment. These unique features create an immersive and awe-inspiring atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.


One of the notable challenges encountered during this project was the tight timeline. With a delivery and construction timeframe of just three months, our team worked efficiently to ensure the successful completion of the venue within the specified schedule. This required meticulous planning, coordination, and execution of the project to meet the client’s expectations.


Spantech takes pride in being a trusted partner for Ice Rink Riyadh Boulevard, delivering a magnificent permanent venue for live entertainment and ice skating. By combining our engineering expertise, innovative design solutions, and meticulous attention to detail, we have created a space that offers both excitement and functionality. The successful delivery of this project demonstrates our commitment to excellence and our ability to meet demanding timelines while exceeding client expectations. Ice Rink Riyadh Boulevard stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional and unforgettable venues that enrich the entertainment landscape.