- January 26, 2024

Innovative Temporary Pool Cover

In the picturesque town of Châtenay-Malabry, France, Weeloc, specialist in sustainable aquatic solutions, faced a unique challenge: they needed a swift, temporary solution to cover an 8x25m existing pool. However, Weeloc had grander aspirations than merely sheltering the pool. They envisioned a comprehensive enclosure that would not only cover the pool but also extend to the changing room and entrance. This ambitious project demanded both speed and innovation.

The Solution

To meet Weeloc’s requirements, Spantech delivered a remarkable ClearSpan structure measuring 15x50m, featuring an inflatable roof, sandwich panels, and strategically placed windows. This temporary enclosure was engineered to fit snugly over the existing pool, transforming the area into a multifunctional space.

Swift Construction

One of the defining challenges was the need for speed. Spantech took on the task of constructing this temporary and relocatable insulated structure within a mere eight days. Notably, this project unfolded concurrently with other companies building a concrete pool nearby, highlighting the efficiency and versatility of Spantech’s solutions.

Insulated Comfort

The ClearSpan structure not only met Weeloc’s need for speed but also provided insulation for year-round comfort. This insulated enclosure ensured that the pool area remained temperate and comfortable, even during the cooler months.

Weeloc’s temporary pool cover project in Châtenay-Malabry exemplifies Spantech’s commitment to delivering innovative and efficient solutions. This rapid construction, insulated ClearSpan structure has not only transformed the existing pool but also set a precedent for temporary enclosures. Spantech’s ability to design and construct functional, relocatable structures in record time demonstrates our unwavering dedication to meeting unique challenges head-on and exceeding our clients’ expectations. This project stands as a testament to our agility, expertise, and commitment to excellence in temporary infrastructure solutions.