- February 1, 2024

Modular Construction in the Super Yacht Industry

Royal Huisman Zaamdam, a renowned luxury shipyard based in The Netherlands, faced a practical challenge: they required extra workspace for a significant super yacht refurbishment project. Their objective was simple – expand the existing facility without causing disruptions to the project timeline.

Design and Build Innovation

Spantech, known for its design and build expertise, provided an efficient solution. They applied their patented I-Novation construction to connect with the existing facility, resulting in a 300m2 semi-permanent extension featuring a generous 13-meter internal clearance. This innovative solution was erected on a floating platform on the water, showcasing the adaptability of modular construction.

Spantech’s modular structure proved to be the perfect temporary fix for the shipyard’s immediate spatial needs. Thanks to its turnkey design, the hall extension quickly took shape. After the successful refurbishment project concluded, the structure was dismantled in just 24 hours, leaving no lasting impact on the site.

Meeting the highest standards

Spantech’s hall extension provided the vital space required for super yacht maintenance, meeting the high standards of such an exclusive project. The quality production and meticulous craftsmanship of Spantech’s modular design seamlessly complemented the precision required for servicing a superyacht.

Explore Possibilities

If you’re searching for extra space for your next project, Spantech’s adaptable design and build solutions are ready to align with your vision. Our innovative turnkey techniques ensure a swift and hassle-free installation without compromising on quality or durability. Connect with us today to explore the potential for your upcoming project.