- June 12, 2023

NIO – Creating a Mobile Car Showroom

NIO – Creating a Mobile Car Showroom

NIO, a leading electric car manufacturer, sought to showcase their innovative vehicles through a unique pop-up showroom experience. They turned to Spantech to create a mobile showroom, allowing them to travel to various locations throughout Germany and stay for 4-6 months in each destination. The Viewbox, a versatile structure, provided the perfect solution for their temporary showroom needs.

Installation Process

The installation process for the Viewboxes is efficient and swift. The structures are dismantled within one day, with an additional three days required for the furniture. When relocating to a new location, the Viewboxes are rebuilt in just three days, with an extra five days for furniture setup. This streamlined process allows NIO to quickly establish their showrooms in different cities, maximizing their presence and reach.

Fully Equipped and Mobile

The Viewboxes are fully equipped to meet NIO’s requirements. Each showroom features essential amenities such as HVAC systems, electricity connections, and a functional backroom. This ensures a comfortable and professional environment for showcasing the electric cars and engaging with potential customers. The mobility of the showroom, facilitated by the Viewbox design, allowed NIO to easily transport and install the structure using a standard crane truck, simplifying the logistics of their operations.


Spantech is proud to have partnered with NIO in creating a mobile pop-up showroom that enables them to promote their electric cars throughout Germany. The Viewbox’s flexibility and ease of installation have provided NIO with a dynamic platform to engage with customers in various locations. Our commitment to delivering fully equipped, efficient, and mobile structures supported NIO’s vision of showcasing their innovative vehicles and expanding their market presence. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with NIO as they bring their pop-up showrooms to new cities and inspire a sustainable future of transportation.