- July 24, 2023

NOH – An Innovative Cover for a Basketball Court

NOH, an esteemed entity in the world of sports, envisioned an architectural marvel to elevate their basketball court in Brussels. Seeking to infuse both style and functionality, they embarked on a remarkable project that would revolutionize the basketball court experience.

Innovative Vision

The quest to create a cutting-edge basketball court led NOH to partner with Spantech, an expert in architectural wonders. Together, they set out to craft a structure that would harmonize steel, wood, and tensioned PVC fabric into an exceptional architectural cover.

Scope of Work

With precision engineering at its core, Spantech assumed the mantle of designing the PVC fabric with meticulous attention to detail. The project’s scope encompassed the entire process – from the engineering of the PVC fabric to the manufacturing and installation of the steel and wood structure, along with the tensioned PVC roof.

The Fusion of Innovation

The NOH basketball court cover stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of steel and glulam wood, topped by a single-piece tensioned PVC roof. This unique amalgamation defied traditional norms and showcased a harmonious blend of materials to match NOH’s visionary design.

Exceeding Challenges

The project presented extraordinary challenges, including intricate steel-wood connections with no tolerance for errors. Furthermore, the installation of a 1300m² one-piece PVC roof demanded exceptional expertise, as multiple tension points required meticulous attention.

Elevating Athletic Excellence

The NOH basketball court architectural cover stands tall as a shining example of innovative design. This fusion of steel, wood, and tensioned PVC fabric has not only transformed the aesthetics of the basketball court but also elevated the playing experience for athletes and spectators alike. The collaboration between NOH and Spantech has left an indelible mark, setting a new benchmark for the convergence of architectural brilliance and sporting excellence.