- June 13, 2023

Nuovo Scholen Gemeenschap – Creating a Permanent Gymnasium for a High School

When Nuovo Scholen Gemeenschap sought to build a state-of-the-art gymnasium for their high school, they turned to Spantech as their trusted partner. We were thrilled to take on the challenge of designing and constructing a permanent facility that would cater to the school’s sporting needs.

Scope of work

As the general contractor, Spantech was responsible for the entire project. From initial design to the final construction, we took full responsibility for ensuring the successful delivery of the gymnasium. Our expertise allowed us to seamlessly integrate the various components of the project, including the design, construction, and coordination of sport accessories, the installation of a heat pump and HVAC systems, the implementation of a high-quality sport floor, and the necessary civil works.

Unique features

The gymnasium boasted several unique features that set it apart. We ensured the facility was equipped with state-of-the-art sport accessories to accommodate various athletic activities. Additionally, we incorporated a heat pump and HVAC systems to provide a comfortable and energy-efficient environment. The high-quality sport floor met the stringent requirements for safety and performance. Furthermore, our expertise extended to managing the civil works, ensuring the seamless integration of the gymnasium into the existing school campus.


One of the main challenges of this project was the tight timeline. With only six months from order to turnkey handover, we had to carefully plan and execute each phase of the project to ensure timely completion. Our team’s efficiency and expertise were crucial in meeting the project’s demanding schedule while maintaining the highest quality standards.