- October 23, 2023

Schoonhoven Temporary Sports Hall

The Schoonhoven Temporary Sports Hall, a collaborative effort between Schoonhovens College, Willem de Zwijger, and local sports associations, has officially opened its doors on Bergambachterstraat in Schoonhoven. This temporary sports facility will remain in operation until the completion of the new school building at Schoonhovens College.

Scope of work

The project, a 25x45m sports hall with a generous 7m clearance, caters to a variety of sports and school activities, including basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball, and school sports. Additionally, container units were integrated to provide essential amenities such as four changing rooms with showers, a cafeteria with a kitchen, a management room, a referee changing room, toilets, including an accessible toilet and shower (Miva), and sports equipment storage.

Unique features

The temporary sports hall, designed for a three-year tenure before relocation, features a demountable sports floor for flexibility. Remarkably, the heating and cooling systems are environmentally conscious, powered by heat pumps, ensuring energy efficiency. In terms of foundation work, Spantech made a concerted effort to repurpose the existing foundation of a local supermarket, minimizing the need for additional concrete and demonstrating our commitment to sustainable construction practices. The three-month construction period reflects our efficiency in delivering tailor-made solutions.