- June 13, 2023

Stage50 – Temporary Soundstages for Streaming Productions

When a large international streaming production required additional studio capacity, Stage50 partnered with Spantech to meet their needs. In a remarkable timeframe of just three months, we delivered and constructed 45,000 square feet of fully soundproofed temporary soundstages, ensuring a seamless production experience.

Scope of work

At Spantech, we took care of the project from A to Z. Our responsibilities included engineering and design, construction of the structure, roofing, facades, doors, flooring, catwalks, elephant doors, and acoustics. Our aim was to create a versatile and functional environment that met the specific requirements of the streaming production.

Unique features

The temporary soundstages boasted several unique features that contributed to their success. The HD floor provided a high-quality filming surface, ensuring optimal visual results for the production. The use of mobile foundations allowed for flexibility and ease of relocation, accommodating the changing needs of Stage50 and the production. Additionally, we implemented a new catwalk system to enhance accessibility and safety for the production crew.


One of the main challenges of this project was the tight timeline. Delivering and building the temporary soundstages within just three months required meticulous planning, efficient coordination, and swift execution. Our team’s expertise and dedication allowed us to overcome this challenge and deliver a turnkey solution that met the production’s requirements.


As Spantech, we are proud of our partnership with Stage50 and the successful delivery of temporary soundstages for the streaming production. The collaboration between our teams resulted in the timely construction of fully equipped and soundproofed studios, providing an ideal environment for high-quality productions. The efficient execution of the project, including the integration of unique features and adherence to tight timelines, showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients in the entertainment industry.