- June 13, 2023

Volkswagen – Providing Insulated Industrial Structures for Seat Storage

Short description

Volkswagen required additional storage capacity for their seat cover division while their new factory was being prepared. To address this need, Spantech was entrusted with the task of delivering 9,750m2 of insulated space to house their seat cover carousel and facilitate efficient distribution of seats to the production lines.

Scope of work

Spantech undertook various aspects of the project, including engineering, design, and construction. Our team expertly handled the structure, roofing, facades, doors, and acoustics to provide Volkswagen with a comprehensive storage solution that met their specific requirements.

Unique features

The insulated industrial structures provided by Spantech featured several unique features tailored to Volkswagen’s needs. These included LED lamps for optimal lighting, a fire alarm system for safety, and a smoke extraction system to maintain a secure environment. Additionally, the structures were built on mobile foundations, allowing for flexibility and adaptability.


The project posed several challenges, with one of the key ones being the tight timeline. Within a span of just three months, Spantech successfully delivered and built the required structures, ensuring that Volkswagen’s seat storage needs were met without delay.


Spantech takes pride in collaborating with Volkswagen to provide innovative and temporary insulated industrial structures for their seat storage requirements. By utilizing our engineering expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering on time, we successfully met Volkswagen’s needs within the specified timeframe. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction allowed us to create a tailored solution with unique features that enhance the efficiency and functionality of Volkswagen’s seat cover division.