History Timeline

Company History



Spantech was created by founders Derek and Ghislaine de Villenfagne as marquee manufacturing company in Brussels, Belgium.


Production in Poland by launching SPPO

To strengthen our production capabilities and expand our international reach, we established our first factory abroad in Poland in 2000. This strategic move allowed us to deliver the ever increasing demand from the market for Spantech marquees. The company also developed larger structures.


Expansion and Acquisitions

Our commitment to excellence was recognized when we were selected to contribute to the renowned Olympics held in Athens in 2004. Our precision-engineered structures left a lasting impression on athletes and spectators alike.


Launch of Activities in the Middle East

In 2005, we embarked on a new chapter by launching our operations in the Middle East. This expansion marked a significant milestone in our journey as we sought to serve clients in this upcoming region. Additionally, Spantech established a representative office to facilitate local engagement.


Strategic Acquisition of Delta Structures & Bator Structure

Recognizing the importance of continuous growth and expertise, we strategically acquired Delta Structures and Bator Structure in 2006. These acquisitions provided us with a solid foundation in France, granting us access to established design departments and CNC workshops. By integrating their CNC and design skills into our workforce, we strengthened our capabilities and expanded our offerings.


Filing of the Patent for I-Novation

In 2008, we embarked on a lengthy and rigorous patent filing process for our groundbreaking modular construction system, I-novation. Ultimately, our efforts were rewarded as we successfully secured patent protection for I-novation in Europe, China, and the United States.


New Factory in Poland

To support our growing operations and accommodate increasing demand, we made strategic investments in 2010. We established a state-of-the-art factory in Poland, equipped with advanced technologies and production capabilities. This expansion enabled us to maintain high-quality standards while meeting the evolving needs of our customers.


Strategic Acquisition of Elfein Zelte

Continuing our growth strategy, we embarked on a strategic acquisition in 2011. Elfein Zelte, now known as Spantech Germany, brought valuable expertise and resources to our organization and access to the German market. This acquisition further strengthened our position as a leading provider of innovative modular structures.


Growth and Development

The year 2012 witnessed several pivotal moments for our company:

  • Our involvement in the prestigious London Olympics highlighted our ability to deliver exceptional solutions for large-scale events.
  • We dedicated efforts towards expanding our presence in the German market, recognizing its significance and potential.
  • We started diversifying in different industries beyond the high end event segment

New Head Office

In 2013, we moved into our Nivelles office. This modern facility now serves as our headquarters, facilitating effective collaboration and supporting our global operations.


Expansion and Innovation

In 2015, we achieved notable milestones that solidified our position as an industry leader:

  • Securing our first major project from Volkswagen showcased our ability to meet the exacting requirements of renowned clients.
  • The launch of the Grand I-novation, an innovative entertainment structure, demonstrated our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and technology.

Expansion and Acquisitions

Building on our success, we pursued expansion and strategic acquisitions in 2016:

  • We established a new factory in Germany, further enhancing our manufacturing capabilities and allowing us to better serve our European clients.
  • Through the strategic acquisition of Polytent, we expanded our service offerings to include in-house installation services, providing comprehensive solutions to our customers.
  • Collaborating with Cirque du Soleil, we proudly constructed their first theatre in the picturesque country of Andorra.
  • The Grand I-novation continued to captivate the entertainment industry, leading to its further adoption and integration into various entertainment projects.

Astana World Expo

Our triumph in winning the prestigious Astana World Expo project demonstrated our ability to deliver cutting-edge architectural solutions on a global scale.


USA Project and other Major Projects

The year 2018 marked a period of expansion and notable achievements:

  • Our first major project in the US materialized with the award-winning musical “Hamilton,” showcasing our ability to contribute to iconic productions.
  • Collaborating with Studio 100, we gained credibility and recognition as we successfully sold our first soundstage, which served as a versatile multi-purpose theater.
  • Undertaking major maintenance, repair, and overhaul projects for Avianca in Colombia further solidified our reputation for providing comprehensive and global services.

New Investors and Growth

In 2019, a significant milestone was reached:

  • M80 became our capital partner, injecting valuable resources and expertise into our company. This partnership paved the way for continued growth and expansion.
  • Demonstrating our commitment to innovation and adaptability, we successfully sold our very first soundstage, further strengthening our market position.

Prominent Achievements and Strategic Acquisition

The year 2020 was marked by remarkable achievements and strategic developments:

  • We secured the prestigious USA Pavilion project for the World Expo, further establishing our global presence and contributing to large-scale international events.
  • Our collaboration with Bray Studios on various projects solidified our reputation as a trusted partner in the entertainment industry.
  • Through the strategic acquisition of Viewbox, we expanded our capabilities and enhanced our portfolio of offerings, enabling us to provide even more comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Expansion and Collaborations

In 2021, we continued to expand and collaborate on groundbreaking projects:

  • We made significant investments by establishing a new factory in Dubai, reinforcing our commitment to the Middle Eastern market and meeting the region’s growing demand for architectural solutions.
  • Demonstrating our versatility, Netflix chose a Spantech structure in Spain as the location for shooting their first movie, underscoring our ability to provide innovative and functional environments for the film industry.

Collaborations, Expansion & Construction 2.0

In 2022, we achieved noteworthy milestones:

  • Our Spantech Soundstage hosted the production of “Lord of the Rings” by Amazon, showcasing our exceptional capabilities in creating state-of-the-art filming environments.
  • To better serve our clients in the United States, we established a dedicated US entity, cementing our commitment to the American market.
  • Becoming specialist in purpose built project, Spantech adapt the construction 2.0 practises

Sustainable Design and Build Solutions

In 2023, we further strengthen our goal to become the leader in sustainable design and build solutions. We use the latest technology to provide an overall turnkey service where we take care of everything, from design to installation, giving you the end-to-end service you want. Build sustainably with us by contributing to circular construction practices and building for a greener future. Lower your carbon impact with a Spantech structure.

  • Spantech implemented its ESG program
  • Life cycle analysis are being performed on each product to determine the CO2 footprint.