- June 15, 2023

The Pavillion Steiermarkschau – A Mobile Showcase of Art, Science, and Climate

The Pavillion Steiermarkschau is an engaging and versatile mobile exhibition pavilion that travels to different locations, captivating visitors with its unique design and thought-provoking content. Designed with a focus on aesthetics, this 20x35m structure with an overhang provides an inviting space for showcasing a diverse range of artistic, scientific, and climate-related exhibits.

Scope of work

As the trusted partner for The Pavillion Steiermarkschau, Spantech was responsible for the engineering and design of the pavilion, including the structure, roofing, and flooring. Our team ensured that the pavilion met the client’s emphasis on aesthetics while maintaining functionality and durability. Additionally, we facilitated the dismantling and reassembly of the pavilion as it traveled between locations.

Unique features

The mobile pavilion offers accessibility from all sides, enabling visitors to explore its engaging exhibits and installations. With a modest height difference between the grassy area and the pavilion floor, accessibility is prioritized, allowing individuals with various mobility needs to independently navigate the space. The entrance is specifically designed to accommodate wheelchair users, strollers, and individuals with mobility impairments, ensuring inclusive visits.


One of the notable challenges during the installation of The Pavillion Steiermarkschau was ensuring a seamless transition between the different locations. Despite the varying terrain and environmental conditions, our team efficiently executed the dismantling and rebuilding process, guaranteeing a consistent experience for visitors. The coordination and logistics required for the successful relocation of the pavilion were managed effectively, enabling a smooth transition between venues.

Exhibition content

The mobile pavilion hosts the captivating exhibition “Atmospheres: Art, Climate, and Space Research.” This thought-provoking display explores the uniqueness of Earth’s habitability and the exploration of other planets. Through artistic films projected on a large screen and the floor, visitors are transported to unimaginably foreign worlds, encouraging contemplation about the consequences of human impact on our planet. Scientific contributions shed light on the necessary conditions for life to emerge on distant planets, while addressing the potential future climate scenarios for Styria.

Continued partnership

The successful collaboration between The Pavillion Steiermarkschau and Spantech extends beyond the current project. Building upon the fruitful partnership established during the Steiermarkschau of 2021, where the pavilion traveled to multiple locations, our ongoing relationship reflects the trust placed in Spantech to deliver exceptional and innovative solutions that captivate audiences and elevate the exhibition experience.


Spantech is honored to have played a crucial role in the realization of The Pavillion Steiermarkschau, a captivating mobile showcase of art, science, and climate-related topics. Our commitment to engineering excellence, meticulous attention to design details, and seamless project execution have contributed to the creation of a dynamic and engaging space. The Pavillion Steiermarkschau stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering remarkable structures that inspire and enrich the cultural landscape.