- July 24, 2023

Peri Bauma Pavilion – A Visionary Expo Showcase

The Peri Bauma Pavilion stands as an iconic expo showcase for Peri SE, a renowned manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding systems. This bespoke pavilion serves as an awe-inspiring focal point at the BAUMA, the largest construction fair in the world, held in Munich every three years. With its grand dimensions of 45x85m and towering height of 20 meters, the pavilion captivates visitors with its unique design and innovative features.

Short description

The scope of work for this extraordinary project encompassed the custom design and construction of the pavilion. From engineering to installation, Spantech collaborated closely with Peri SE to bring their vision to life. The result was a remarkable pavilion that not only showcased Peri’s products and brand but also won prestigious recognition, receiving the esteemed Red Dot architecture prize.

Unique features

At the heart of the Peri Bauma Pavilion’s distinction lies its custom printed inflated facade. This visually striking feature not only provides a mesmerizing appearance but also serves practical purposes. The lightweight and translucent nature of the printed membrane cushions ensured rapid assembly and facilitated an engaging visitor experience. Inside, the cushions created a uniform background for the various exhibits, seamlessly tying the pavilion’s design together.

The booth area, oval in shape, was skilfully framed by a ramp, a balcony, and an open flight of steps, enhancing the flow and accessibility for visitors. A central “marketplace” was thoughtfully designed as a show area where visitors could immerse themselves in the world of Peri’s innovative products, while comfortably seated in the grandstand.


Creating the Peri Bauma Pavilion posed several significant challenges that required meticulous planning and engineering. One of the primary obstacles was the tight timeline. The pavilion needed to be ready for the BAUMA in Munich, leaving limited room for construction and preparation.

Additionally, the pavilion’s location in Munich, known for its unpredictable weather, necessitated the design to withstand heavy snow loads, accounting for up to 115 kg per square meter. Overcoming these challenges demanded rigorous engineering, innovative design solutions, and precise execution to ensure the pavilion’s enduring quality and stability.


The Peri Bauma Pavilion stands as a testament to Spantech’s commitment to delivering exceptional structures that leave a lasting impression. Its awe-inspiring design, custom printed inflated facade, and seamless integration of various elements have made it an iconic showcase for Peri SE at the world’s largest construction fair. Despite facing short timelines and engineering complexities, Spantech successfully delivered a pavilion that not only fulfilled its purpose but also garnered acclaim in the architectural realm. This case study showcases Spantech’s dedication to innovation and excellence, creating inspiring spaces that elevate the experience of exhibitors and visitors alike.