- June 12, 2023

Studio 100 – Europe’s Largest Pop-Up Theatre


Studio 100, known for their musical productions, faced a significant challenge when they needed a venue to accommodate a large playing area. With no existing suitable buildings available, they turned to us, as a trusted partner in designing and constructing custom-made locations.

The Project

The objective was to create Europe’s largest pop-up theatre in 6 months, providing Studio 100 with a remarkable venue for their musical performances. We embraced this ambitious project, driven by their commitment to excellence and collaboration.

Engineering Marvel

The structure of choice for this project was the Grand I-novation, a a structure spanning an impressive 75 meters. This architectural achievement showcases our ability to engineer a temporary structure of this scale. With its expansive 70x70m playing area, the Grand I-novation became the ideal canvas for Studio 100’s creative vision.

Meeting the Challenges

The project timeline was demanding, with only six months from order to completion. However, our meticulous planning and efficient execution enabled us to deliver the venue on time, without compromising quality.

Innovative Solution

To ensure an exceptional experience, we incorporated advanced features into the structure. Acoustic insulation and firewalls were implemented to enhance sound quality and safety. We also provided comprehensive solutions for roofing, facades, doors, and acoustics, creating a world-class setting for Studio 100’s productions.

A Permanent Establishment

The temporary theatre evolved into a permanent venue, a legacy of our expertise in designing enduring structures. This transformation highlights our commitment to sustainability and long-lasting designs, providing Studio 100 with a permanent location that aligned with their artistic ambitions.

Trust and Confidence

Hans Bourlon, CEO of Studio 100, praised the collaboration, stating, “Spantech has proven to be the perfect partner for Studio 100 on this project.” This testimonial encapsulates the trust and confidence Studio 100 placed in Spantech, highlighting the exceptional outcome of the project and the satisfaction of the client.