- February 1, 2024

Takeda Innovation Space

The Takeda Innovation Space represents a practical showcase of modular innovation. Takeda Pharmaceuticals, in need of flexible office spaces, turned to Spantech’s Viewbox modular system. The challenge? Provide Takeda with versatile, sustainable offices that could be rapidly installed, expanded, and customized to their evolving needs.

Viewbox’ Modular Solution

Spantech’s Viewbox, an innovative modular construction solution, proved instrumental in meeting Takeda’s requirements. We combined multiple Viewboxes to build the Takeda Innovation Space. Each Viewbox is a self-contained 15m² modular unit with ceilings, flooring, walls, doors, and lighting. This design flexibility ensures Takeda’s offices can adapt alongside their dynamic business landscape.

Versatile Office Spaces

The Viewbox excels in efficiency and sustainability. Its quick installation and dismantling capabilities make it ideal for Takeda, serving both temporary and permanent office spaces. This versatile modular office solution offers various customization options, including glass walls, flooring, electrical distribution, and more. Remarkably, the Viewbox integrates sustainable materials like wood, showcasing its capacity for complete customization to meet specific client needs.


The Takeda Innovation Space, featuring Viewbox modular offices, underscores Spantech’s commitment to providing swift, sustainable, and adaptable office solutions. The Viewbox’s flexibility and efficiency empower Takeda to create tailored office spaces that align with their ever-evolving business demands. By incorporating sustainable materials and embracing modular construction techniques, Spantech demonstrates its dedication to delivering innovative and eco-conscious solutions.