- May 13, 2023

Temporary Sports Hall for Municipality Noordwijk

Temporary Sports Hall for Municipality Noordwijk

A sports hall for municipality Noordwijk

In 2020, a municipal sports building, complete with competition pool, burned down, forcing Noordwijk city council to find a solution.

The main hurdle was that rebuilding a new sports complex would take many years and require large investments. In the meantime, the city would be deprived of a building that plays an important role in local society, hosting not only sports activities but also a wide range of cultural events.


This problem could be solved by building a sports hall, accessible to the local community until the completion of a permanent multifunctional sports building.

Noordwijk city council launched a search for the company best equipped to deliver this project. It ultimately selected Spantech for its far-reaching expertise, proposed mobile building solutions and design.

Spantech was tasked with building a temporary “De Schelft” sports hall with a target completion date of February 2022 – just six months from start to finish.

Spantech designed a 1,600 m2 sport facility with a strong emphasis on sustainability. The entire complex is 100% dismountable without loss and is constructed on a mobile foundation that can be removed when the use of the building ends. It fully meets the Dutch building code for temporary buildings and, thanks to the expertise of Spantech, the building permit was successfully granted.

Spantech deployed its team of experts and quickly started to assemble the mobile structure. Despite its temporary nature, it complies with the NOC*NSF norms for sport buildings in the Netherlands, and features a class III elastic spot floor. The special acoustic ceiling and walling system optimises the acoustics of the hall. Energy consumption was also taken into consideration: all lighting is LED and fitted with motion sensors to reduce energy consumption and a smart heat-recovery ventilation system drastically reduces heating costs.

The result

In just five months, Spantech built the temporary “De Schelft” in Noordwijkerhout that included a multi sports hall, reception area, storage rooms, corridors, and changing rooms with toilets.

The temporary building went live at the end of January 2022, a month ahead of the target date. In February,  the BKN badminton club and Northa handball club teams played matches in the new temporary sports hall. The people of Noordwijk were thrilled to once again be able to access a sports facility and said it now “makes their hearts beat faster”.

“We are delighted that, despite the situation around Covid-19, a new sports facility was realised in close collaboration with Spantech in just 6 months, so that users can once again exercise in their own city,” says Arjan van Koolwijk, project leader for Noordwijk Council. Spantech’s Sjors van Vorstenbos added: “We are very proud that we were selected to realise an indoor sport facility for the Noordwijkerhout community. Meeting a very short deadline and successful executing a project is exactly why customers come to Spantech.”