- October 20, 2023

Preserving Elegance: The Merode Business Club Pavilion

The Merode Business Club, situated in the prestigious setting of Place Poelaert in front of the Justice Palace, has a rich history as a hub for business and networking. Formerly known as the Cercle de Lorraine, it underwent a transformation under the stewardship of Bruno Pani and his company, Profirst, an event agency known for its innovation and excellence.

The challenge at hand was to create a versatile structure within the club’s historic mansion to accommodate plenary meetings and larger events. The existing smaller rooms were insufficient, necessitating the construction of an elegant pavilion within the mansion’s inner courtyard. This pavilion, measuring 20×18 meters, was designed to seamlessly blend with the club’s ambiance while maximizing the available space. A key consideration was the absence of interior support columns, a departure from the previous setup which had proved inconvenient for plenary events.

Scope of work

Spantech undertook the task of designing and constructing the pavilion, working closely with The Merode Business Club to ensure it met their exacting standards. This involved engineering a structure that offered unobstructed views and an airy, open atmosphere while complementing the historic surroundings.

Unique features

The Merode Business Club Pavilion stands as a testament to both architectural innovation and a commitment to preserving the heritage of this iconic location. The design elegantly marries modern functionality with the classic charm of an orangery or greenhouse, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with the existing mansion. With its spacious interior and the absence of interior support columns, it provides the ideal setting for plenary meetings and larger events.


Overcoming the challenge of creating an interior space free from support columns was a complex engineering feat. The pavilion needed to maximize the available courtyard space while maintaining structural integrity. Furthermore, it was imperative that the design harmonized with the historic character of the club’s mansion. Spantech rose to the occasion, delivering a pavilion that not only met these challenges but also exceeded expectations, providing The Merode Business Club with a versatile and elegant event space that perfectly complements their esteemed establishment.